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ถ้าสั่ง Online เค้าอาจจะขอชื่อร้านและชื่อหมอที่ตรวจ เพื่อยืนยันว่ามี Prescription ของเราจริงๆครับ  เพราะบนเว็บเค้าก็เขียนไว้



You hereby certify that you have a valid prescription for any prescription contact lenses that you order. You represent and warrant to us by placing an order for prescription contact lenses that the information you enter into the Site is valid and true and matches exactly your prescription as provided by your eye care provider. You further certify that you will renew your prescription in strict accordance with your eye care provider’s suggested regime. You represent and warrant that the prescription contact lenses you are ordering are replacement contacts lenses only and the original contact lens prescription was filled by your eye care provider. You understand that we will not fulfill your order for prescription contact lenses unless you have a valid prescription. You hereby consent to our contacting your eye care provider, if necessary, to verify your prescription information and any other necessary information.